Premera RNHI

General Job Descriptions (by certification) and Fellow Responsibilities

Job Description (FNP/AGNP)   Job Description (PMHNP)

 *Prospective fellows may be asked to review and sign an organization-specific job description at time of hiring. 

UW Premera RNHI ARNP Fellow Responsibilities

Fellows should demonstrate the following attitudes and actions: 

  • An interest in caring for diverse and underserved rural populations 
  • An open mind to experiencing new learning opportunities  
  • An understanding of common medical conditions that are specific to these patient groups 
  • An understanding of the barriers to healthcare access in rural communities  
  • Promotion of multidisciplinary approach to improve health 
  • Arrive on-time and be prepared for the clinical day 
  • Confirm best communication with preceptors, i.e., cell phone, email, etc. 
  • Communicate with preceptors and fellowship director if schedule adjustments need to be made 
  • Be aware of and communicate clinical deficiencies and needs to program directors, preceptors and grant faculty. 
  • Be proactive to seek out experiences that address specific deficiencies in clinical skills, practice management, and leadership 
  • Participate in safe, effective and compassionate patient care under supervision commensurate with the level of fellows’ advancement and responsibility 
  • Complete charting and send to preceptor for sign-off before end of day 
  • Be responsible for required evaluations as outlined in the evaluation schedule