Premera RNHI

DNP Student Rural Clinical Rotations

With support from the Premera Foundation, the UW Rural Nursing Health Initiative (RNHI) invites DNP students who are interested in rural primary care practice to learn the advanced practice nursing role in a rural setting in Washington state!

Matched students receive a $10,000 stipend to defray living expenses during this training/learning experience. Recipients must commit to a clinical rotation in an approved rural clinical site, as assigned by their program’s Clinical Placement Coordinator, for the duration of the quarter or semester, in accordance with the program’s required clinical hours. Please note that the rural clinical placement may require overnight travel within Washington state and the recipients is responsible for all travel-related costs (i.e. lodging, food, gas, airfare, etc…).  Rural clinical sites that host UW Premera funded students also receive a $4,000 stipend per student placement.

The UW Premera RNHI Grant is no longer accepting applications; 80 stipends were awarded to DNP students from 6 universities across the state, to complete rural clinical rotations in these and other locations:

Clinical Rotation locations as of July 2021-mapline


“The clinical experience at a rural site has helped sharpen my skills and judgment to become a better future provider…definitely a must-have experience…”
(Phuong Aloni Le, UW DNP / FNP stipend recipient, Winter 2021 UW Premera RNHI stipend recipient)

“I have always taken under consideration relocating to a smaller community and working as an NP but this rotation helped me imagine myself actually doing it.” (Agata Millar, Seattle Pacific University DNP/AGNP student, Spring 2021 UW Premera RNHI stipend recipient)

“I intend to work in a rural area following graduation, and having grown up in a rural area, I understand that obtaining clinical education in that setting is paramount to prepare myself to succeed as a rural healthcare provider.”
(Carolyn Mattson, Seattle University DNP/FNP student, Autumn 2020 UW Premera RNHI stipend recipient)

“I think working in a rural health setting has informed me how to manage my patients… There is a unique practice autonomy that a rural health setting offers.” (Jessica Medrala, UW DNP/FNP student, Autumn 2020 UW Premera RNHI stipend recipient pictured with her preceptor at Confluence Health)

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