Premera RNHI

2023-2024 Cohort:

Harbor Regional Health

Meet Thongsamouth Louangamath, FNP

A graduate of Gonzaga University, Thongsamouth chose a rural setting because she wanted to be challenged and to learn the importance of family medicine. In a small community, “T” gets to know patients in the context of their community and their families, taking care of the whole family and in some cases, multiple generations. She believes that the family as a unit can help to heal a person. If she can get the entire family involved, the patient might be more inclined to take care of their health knowing they have a team on their side. “T” appreciates the continuity of care at Harbor Regional Health and is gratified in a way that’s hard to find in other kinds of settings. She also appreciates the opportunity to practice with greater autonomy and wants to be able to manage aspects of care that she might not otherwise in another setting that has a wider variety of available services. With the lack of nearby specialties, it means she’ll have to perform procedures that she might not otherwise in an urban setting. “T” also enjoys connecting personally with patients and hopes to become a valued community member. In her free time, “T” likes to chill with her fur babies and watch Netflix.

Mattawa Community Medical Clinic

Meet Sally Myer, FNP

A graduate of Fort Hays State University, Sally had 38 years of RN experience when she enrolled in the BSN-to-DNP program and became an ARNP. Having practiced as a RN in Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming, her experience has mostly been in rural hospitals, primarily in emergency medicine. Sally grew up in rural Nebraska and anticipates spending the rest of her life in the rural setting so the Premera RNHI ARNP fellowship is a perfect fit! At Mattawa Community Medical Clinic, Sally provides care primarily for Spanish-speaking patients in a “true family practice,” serving newborns as well as their parents and grandparents. In her free time, Sally likes to read and cook. And since she is new to Washington, she also takes weekend trips around our beautiful state.

Shifa Health

Meet Siri Mayo, PMHNP

A graduate of University of Rochester, Siri has both inpatient and outpatient experience in adult and pediatric psychiatry. Before becoming a nurse, she also gained experience in global health and humanitarian work, which remains a deep passion of hers today. Siri chose the rural fellowship at Shifa Health because she has always loved the Skagit Valley and wanted to return home to Washington state upon completing her graduate education in New York. She loves the community she works with and the challenges and opportunities that working in rural healthcare provides. She feels fortunate that she’s been afforded the opportunity to start her career as a nurse practitioner at the integrative psychiatry clinic, Shifa Health, while completing the “invaluable RNHI Fellowship.” Siri works with adolescents and adults, treating a broad spectrum of mental health issues including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, sleep disorders, PTSD, and ADHD. Outside of work, she loves spending time outdoors, particularly mountain biking and doing landscape photography.

Valley View Health Center


Meet Danielle de la Pena, FNP

A graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, Danielle started her career when she joined the Army as a medic, while being cross trained as a Respiratory Therapist. She later became a Registered Nurse and gained experience on a med-surg floor and a Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, as well as being a Nurse Educator for more than 10 years. In response to the Affordable Care Act call to action to have more nurse practitioners in the primary care role in underserved and rural areas, Danielle earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) and sought out the UW Premera RNHI Fellowship at VVHC, where she had clinical training. Danielle feels that providing for the healthcare needs of an entire family, half of an elementary school, and a good portion of the workers at the local sawmill creates a web of interconnection that is far more appealing than a large healthcare organization. On a daily basis, Danielle sees patients who work on cattle/horse/alpaca farms, retirees from quarry and construction jobs, and parents, children, and their grandparents. She sends any prescriptions to the independently owned pharmacy across the street from the clinic and she jokes, “If I need an ambulance, I could shout out the back door to the firehouse two blocks away.” In her spare time and after spending five years in school, Danielle is happy to spend time with her husband and three teenagers – they have a lot of catching up to do!

Meet Amy Dupuis, FNP

A graduate of Gonzaga University, Amy started her nursing career in a rural hospital as an acute care and emergency department nurse. She chose the rural fellowship because she grew up in and currently resides in a rural area and understands the need for more access to care in these areas. Amy works at Valley View’s Tenino office and sees a lot of farmers and older adults. In her free time, she loves to read, crochet, and visit Mt. Rainier National Park.

2022-2023 Cohort:

Pictured from left to right (top row): Matthew Johnson, FNP (Republic Medical Clinic), Greg Lucas, FNP (Harbor Regional Health), Britney Allison, FNP (Valley View Health Center), Melissa Mitchell, AGNP-PC (Republic Medical Clinic), Pratima Shrestha, FNP (Valley View Health Center), Lourdes Benitez, FNP (Odessa Rural Health Clinic) and (bottom row): Elaine Olbertz, FNP (Mattawa Community Medical Clinic), Hannah Heinonen, FNP (Harbor Regional Health).

Watch the 2022-2023 Cohort’s “Completion Ceremony Celebration” slideshow HERE

2021-2022 Cohort:

Pictured from left to right: Kristeen Seratt, FNP (Valley View Health Center), Katie Huseby, FNP (Valley View Health Center), Diane Marines, FNP (Harbor Regional Health), Melody Albano, FNP (Harbor Regional Health)