Premera RNHI


    • Application opened 12/1/2023
    • Application closed 2/12/2024
    • Offers made on 4/8/2024
    • Fellowship begins 9/3/2024
The UW Premera RNHI ARNP Fellowship is for recent graduates from an accredited Masters or Doctor of Nursing Practice Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) program, board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), or an Adult-Gero Nurse Practitioner (AGNP-PC) by the start of the program.  This *12-month intensive training program is intended to enhance professional competency and confidence of recently graduated ARNPs who are passionate about rural primary care. UW Premera RNHI has partnered with the following primary care organizations to deliver a robust, collaborative post graduate ARNP rural fellowship program: 
  • Newly licensed ARNP graduates with 18 months or less experience 
  • FNP, PMHNP, or AGNP-PC graduate or anticipated graduate from an accredited ARNP program 
  • Licensed and certified or certification-license pending upon admission to fellowship 
  • Planning a career in rural primary care, working with diverse and underserved populations 
  • Able to start the fellowship in September 2024 and commit to completing the 12-13 month program 

Before submitting your application, please ensure that you: 

  • Meet all eligibility requirements 
  • Review the UW Premera ARNP Fellowship Job Description
  • Prepare an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae (CV) which includes clinical rotations (months/years and locations) 
  • Download an unofficial copy of your most recent transcript(s) from your Masters or DNP degree program(s) 
  • Label all attachments (CV/resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, etc.) with your last name, first name, and name of attachment (e.g., Wood_Rebecca_CV) 
  • Identify two (2) recommenders (one academic and one professional) that can speak to your clinical skills; be prepared to supply their names and emails and let them know that they will be receiving a REDCap survey via email from  
    • Detailed instructions for the recommendation process are located below in the recommendations section 
    • Note that recommenders will not receive their surveys until the application has been submitted.
  • Have your NPI (if available) and RN license number(s) available 
  • Prepare the following essay questions (each 300-word maximum):
    • Why did you choose to apply for a rural primary care fellowship?
    • Describe your experience working with rural and diverse populations.
    • Describe your career goals.
    • Describe what you envision your role to be in addressing systemic inequities within the health care system that primarily impact marginalized communities.
  • Complete all answers thoroughly 
  • Note: A RETURN CODE is auto-generated if you leave the survey. Please retain the return code so you can continue / complete the survey later but prior to the deadline (please note the return code is not case sensitive). 


Please provide the names and emails for two (2) references/recommenders. Specifically, we are looking to receive survey responses from one academic and one professional individual. Each recommender should be capable of speaking to your ability to integrate theory and practice in a clinical setting. (e.g., preceptors, faculty, supervisors, etc.). 

Once you complete this application (submit the survey), a recommendation survey will automatically be sent to each recommender. It is important that you let each of them know to expect a survey via email (from and to submit their responses by the deadline (listed above). 

Recommenders will be asked how they know you and your workThey will also be asked to rate applicants on the following criteria: 

  • commitment to primary care practice in rural settings 
  • commitment to serving diverse & underserved populations 
  • ability to demonstrate proper assessment, diagnostic, and clinical competence congruent with level of experience 
  • professionalism in the work and/or academic setting
  • flexibility in the work and/or academic setting
  • initiative and leadership skills

If desired, they may elaborate on any criteria ratings. They should not send separate letters of recommendation.

When your recommenders have submitted their surveys, you will receive automated notification emails. If you have not received confirmation emails for both recommendations one week prior to the due date, please contact and remind your recommenders. If for some reason your recommender(s) have submitted but you haven’t received a confirmation email, please contact the UW Premera Grant Team ( and we will confirm.

STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION: There will be no unlawful discrimination against any program participant or applicant because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.

If you have additional questions about the application process, please contact the Grant Team at