Premera RNHI

UW Premera RNHI ARNP Fellows participate in weekly (2-3 hour) didactic sessions that are case based, interactive, and designed to develop advanced clinical decision making, time management, and build useful clinical resources.  Our cohort of fellows from across the state participate together via Zoom and sessions are facilitated by an interdisciplinary group of expert clinicians and educators.

Fellows will explore both track-specific and interdisciplinary complex clinical topics that are relevant to their rural primary care setting.  The following is a sampling of our didactic content for the first quarter of the 2022-2023 fellowship year:

Didactic Topic  Date 
Rural Health Part I  9/21/2022 
Fellowship Survival Toolkit and Clinical Decision Making  9/28/2022
Depression Prevention Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals 10/5/2022
QI/QA Project Overview and clinical documentation 10/12/2022
Queering Healthcare 10/19/2022
UW CNE Primary Care Conference (in Seattle) 10/27/2022 – 10/28/2022
5 Lines of Defense Against Depression (prescribing) 11/9/2022
Sexual & Reproductive Health 11/16/2022
Pediatrics 11/30/2022
Dermatology in Primary Care 12/7/2022
GI in Primary Care 12/14/2022