Premera RNHI

UW Premera RNHI Fellows participate in a quality improvement / quality assurance special project. Fellows are asked to identify a QI/QA project that is of interest and will serve the needs of the rural community.  The project is developed in collaboration with the partnering agency. Although similar to the academic capstone projects that NP fellows have completed during school, the special population project focuses on rural clinical practice. There will be at least 200 hours dedicated throughout the program for this project. 

Our first cohort of fellows (2021-2022) completed the following projects:

Fellowship site  Project title  Aim of project 
HRH  “Mobile Health Clinic Grays Harbor County – Project Proposal and Feasibility Study”
“To promote health and wellbeing throughout Grays Harbor County by providing primary care access to rural and underserved areas with mobile health clinics.”
VVHC  “Valley View Wellness Center”  “To improve the wellbeing of Lewis County by creating a community wellness center focused on increasing access to preventative care for women, children, and families including reproductive health, family planning, and lactation support in an inclusive, respectful atmosphere.”