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“I intend to work in a rural area following graduation, and having grown up in a rural area, I understand that obtaining clinical education in that setting is paramount to prepare myself to succeed as a rural healthcare provider.”
(Carolyn Mattson, Seattle University DNP/FNP student, Autumn 2020 UW Premera RNHI stipend recipient)

“The clinical experience at a rural site has helped sharpen my skills and judgment to become a better future provider…definitely a must-have experience…”
(Phuong Aloni Le, UW DNP / FNP stipend recipient, Winter 2021 UW Premera RNHI stipend recipient)

“I think rural health provides students a unique learning opportunity because the clinic you learn in may be the only healthcare facility for MILES…you have to be resourceful and make safe judgements about the plan of care. Aside from the learning benefits, it’s a unique opportunity to explore the community you’re serving.”
(Jessica Medrala, UW DNP/FNP student, Autumn 2020 UW Premera RNHI stipend recipient pictured with her preceptor at Confluence Health)

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Recruitment and Retention
  • ARNPs trained in rural healthcare organizations are more likely to pursue a career in a rural community.
Culture of Excellence
  • Improve overall staff/faculty clinical engagement
  • Promote evidence based practice.
Professional Growth & Development
  • Renews passion and retention of current staff
  • Preceptor training opportunities
Cost Savings
  • Improves Recruitment and Retention
  • Fellows are billing providers
  • Program expertise and guidance
  • Future federal and state grant opportunities

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