Premera RNHI


When is the next application cycle and what is the start date for the next cohort?

Applications for our 4th cohort of Premera RNHI fellows opened 12/1/23 and closed on 2/12/24. Interviews took place in March of 2024 and offers started going out on 4/8/24. The 2024-2025 cohort will begin on Tuesday, 9/3/24.

Do you accept out of state applicants for your Rural ARNP Fellowship program?

Yes! We accept and encourage out-of-state applicants. Two of six fellows in our 3rd cohort (2023-2024) moved to Washington state to participate in our fellowship.

Are applicants able to choose their fellowship site or are they placed in a site?

Yes, applicants choose which fellowship site or sites they’d like to be considered for. We use one application for the UW Premera RNHI ARNP Fellowship to reduce the burden of having to submit multiple applications. Ultimately, fellows will be hired by one organization and will build a patient panel with that organization.

Do you have fellowship sites located in the Seattle area?

The UW Premera RNHI ARNP Fellowship program is designed to partner newly graduated ARNPs with rural and rural-serving healthcare practices across Washington state. More information about our fellowship partners can be found here:

Are your fellowship positions paid? What does compensation look like for your fellows?

Yes, our fellows are paid employees of the organization that hires them, with most offering benefits that are similar to what you might expect from a non-fellowship ARNP position. Salaries vary by location but typically range between $87,000-106,000/year. Fellows work full time but are in clinic 3-4 days per week, with paid time allotted for weekly didactic sessions and specialty rotations. Unlike graduate school, you will be PAID to continue learning and growing as a new provider!

Is this fellowship only for FNPs, AGNPs, and PMHNPs?

Yes. At this time, our rural fellowship sites do not have fellowship opportunities for PNPs, WHNPs, or CNMs.

I'm newly graduated - or will soon graduate - with a Masters in Nursing. Am I eligible to apply for the UW Premera RNHI ARNP fellowship?

Yes, the UW Premera RNHI ARNP fellowship is for newly licensed ARNP graduates from an accredited Masters or Doctor of Nursing Practice program with 18-months or less experience by the start of the fellowship.

Am I eligible for loan repayment during the fellowship program?

No, fellows are not eligible for loan repayment during their fellowship year. However, fellows can typically defer loan repayment during the fellowship. Also, there is possibility of loan repayment if retained at some of our fellowship sites after completion of the program.