Premera RNHI

Leadership & Professional Development

The UW Premera RHNI Fellowship program encourages our fellows to continue to expand their learning and professional development through well-being sessions, reflective journaling, conference attendance, and active participation in weekly inter-professional didactic sessions.

Well-being Sessions 


The purpose of the bi-monthly well-being sessions is to provide a consistent space for new nurse practitioners to reflect on and grow in their professional role through the sharing of patient encounters. The focus is not on the diagnostic challenge of the patient but the interpersonal exchange. 

Sessions are intended to support resiliency and help fellows feel less isolated as they navigate the day-to-day work as a provider in the primary care environment. The structure of the group is modeled after Balint Groups ( and facilitated by a seasoned Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Reflective Journaling 


Reflective journaling is an important component to the fellowship programFellows are expected to journal weekly and share their reflections with their program directorsReflective journaling helps fellows make the professional adjustment to practice and has been shown to contribute to resiliency.


Conference Attendance 
UW Premera RNHI ARNP Fellows are encouraged to attend conferences, learning from experts, validating and enhancing clinical competencies, exploring an extensive variety of topics, and connecting with exhibitors, other providers, and with each other (registration and travel funded by the UW Premera RNHI grant)